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Welcome to African Giant Nursery

The Nursery is located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania owned and operated by Christian Evarist Mkama, as it is specialised on collection of succulents and seedlings from Eastern Africa and other parts of Southern Africa.
We deal with the legal collection and exportation of Ornamental plants globally. For shipping, we use Expedited Mail Service (EMS) and Air Cargo basing on customer choice.

Plants on our website are seedlings or specimens unless otherwise noted. We stand by our plants and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Shipping Services

We use Expedited Mail Service (EMS) and Air Cargo basing on customer choice..

Highest Standard

We stand by our plants and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Caudex plants

adenia ellenbeckii
adenia aculeata
adenia globosa
adenia keramanthus
adenia kirkii
adenia lindenii
adenia pseudoglobosa
adenia stenodactyla
adenia venenata
adenium obesum
adenium somalense sp nova
adenium swazicum
adonsia digitata
amorphophallus spp
brachystelma plocamoides
cephalopentandra ecirrhosa
cibirhiza albesiana
Corralocarpus Glomeruliflorus
cyphostemma betiforme
dolichos kilimandscharicus
dorstenia lancifolia
dorstenia zanzibarica
euphorbia actinoclada
euphorbia clavigera
deuphorbia clavigera(1)
euphorbia longituberculosa
fockea multiflora
gerrardnthus macrorhizus
ipomoea bolusiana
jatropha dichtar
jatropha fissispina
jatropha spicata
momordica rostrata
monadenium magnificum
monadenium reflexum
moringa longituba
pyrenacantha kaurabasana
pyrenacantha malvifolia
raphionacme longituba
raphionacme madiensis
Tinospora caffra

Bulbous Plants

ammocharis coranica
ammocharis coranica with flowers
boophone disticha

Boswellia & Commiphora

boswellia neglecta
commiphora africana
commiphora boranensis
commiphora holtziana
commiphora edulis
commiphora kataf var turkanaensis
commiphora kua var gowlello
ommiphora sp stolons Logologo
commiphora spp
commiphora unilobata
sesamothamnus busseanus

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How To Purchase

Purchase Instructions

1. Select the quantity of the desired item and press inquire
2. An email will be sent to our official email address with a desired order.
3. Then we will confirm shipping, cost and payment related matters soon as possible.
4. We will confirm all matters with you by email, so please provide your correct email address.
5. At present, all foreign orders can be paid through Wire Transfer or Quick Money Transfer Services; Wester Union and Money Gram.

After Sales Instructions

All damages caused by the transportation, or cause the plant to die, please take a photo and contact us within 24 hours. We will refund you by replacing the plant after confirmation. (This is not the case for damage caused by the buyer’s personal factors)

Packaging & Delivery

In order to ensure the health and safety of the plant, we will make sure plants are completely dried after being washed and cleaned before being shipped, later on plants will be shipped about 2-3 days after payment.
Please unpack immediately after the plant is received, and place it in a cool, ventilated place to ensure that the good condition of the plant.

International packaging and shipping costs

All international orders are sent by Air cargo or Expedited Mail Services (EMS), and the expenses are based on the actual cost.


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