Welcome to Programming Dad!

Hey there! My name is Taylor and this is the inaugural post to my new blog, Programming Dad.  Earlier this year (2019 for you future readers out there), my wife, Abby, and I found out we were pregnant with our first child! Like any soon-to-be first-time dad, I started FREAKING OUT! It felt so surreal. Me, a Dad?

About me

A picture of me, Taylor

Before I go any further, let me tell you a little bit about myself. By day, I am a software engineer; by night, indie hacker and gamer. I work for a small startup in Bethlehem, PA, where we specialize in sales automation for the electronics industry. I graduated from Elizabethtown College, with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics.

In my free time, I love tinkering with code and hardware, and typically have 3-4 small projects going all at once. With almost half a dozen Raspberry Pis scattered around our house (Abby can confirm), I am always working on something. When it’s time to unwind, I boot up my Nintendo Switch and play some Zelda, or jump into a Rocket League party on PC and attempt to rank up to Champ level (never going to happen at this rate). I’m one of those gamers that has over 300 games in my Steam library, and have played maybe 20 of them. Some day…

A little bit of luck. Well, maybe a lot.

Just over three years ago, I met Abby. We were both members of a young professionals meetup group, and happened to go to the same trivia night, sitting across from one another. I thought we hit it off really well, and even caught up the next night at social night for the local chamber of commerce. We ended up leaving at the same time. To be fair, I was trying to figure out how to ask for her number (I wasn’t very good at this at the time). After a little convincing, we exchanged numbers and started to text constantly, even though Abby thought I was a bit of a prick (or a not so family-friendly word that rhymes with that).

We got married in an old-fashioned movie theater!
Married in an old-fashioned movie theater!

Not too long after that, I was able to show Abby that I was, in fact, not a prick. I asked her on a date a few days before she went on a work trip to Tennessee. Luckily for me, Abby is not a huge fan of flying, so she said “yes” (more like a ” I could die flying, so okay”). About a year later, I proposed, and the following year (2018 for those keeping track), we got married! Fast forward back to the beginning of this post, and we are pregnant!

I’m going to be a Dad!

Here I am, set to be a father somewhere around the middle of November 2019. As I’m sure anyone who has been in this situation before can attest too, this is rather terrifying. Do I think it is too much for me and my wife? Not at all! Do I think I am prepared enough?


But in reality, no one ever is. At least that’s what I’ve been told. So all I will do over the next three months is prepare as much as I can for our child. That’s where this blog comes in!

console.log(“New Dad Incoming”);

My plan is to throw a more geeky twist to the normal “New Dad Incoming” blog. Programming Dad will provide my point of view, a software engineer, becoming a father for the first time. I will share tips and tricks, reviews, and the occasional code snippets. With all of this, I hope to help fellow programmers out there in a similar situation as me. Join me on this new adventure and see what life has in store!


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