Lazy Labor Day

I was hoping for a longer blog post, but Abby and I caught something earlier this week, and get to spend our Monday off for Labor Day sick. Don’t you worry, we are drinking lots of fluids and resting. Abby got us hooked on Fringe, so we have been binge watch that this weekend. It definitely has me intrigued.

Meanwhile, Abby just hit 28 weeks! We had our usual doctor appointment, once a month. Next month will be another ultrasound, which means more pictures of our future baby girl. Let me tell you, that is more exciting than you would ever think. Before you see your own child’s pictures, all ultrasounds seem like a mix of black & white with a splash of magic to make existing mothers teary eyed. But once they are yours, oh man it’s a whole different story. So I am looking forward to that. Not so much the appointments getting more and more frequent, but that’s all to make sure the baby and mama are still healthy and everything is going smoothly, so I can’t complain.